It’s time for the weekly dep roundup!

News and Such

The big news this week is clear: thanks to @kris-nova’s indefatigable efforts, gps is now a part of dep! No more indirect coordination or split issue queues - we can fix bugs and add features to the solver directly. So…yes, we moved a dependency management library into a dependency management tool to make dependency management easier. The irony is not lost.

The main focus continues to be stabilizing Gopkg.toml and Gopkg.lock. I opened up a few issues last night, all of which would be breaking changes, but none of which should be horribly complicated. Our upstream semver dependency also merged in the last of our requirements. The finish line is in sight!

This is open source, though, so it means different folks have different interests, and other aspects of the project have been moving forward as well. In particular, the updated command spec has been solidifying, and work on implementing it is moving forward. There are some user-facing changes in dep init’s behavior - have a look! If current trajectory holds, it seems likely that we’ll be most of the way there by the time we stabilize the files.

Community Attention Needed!

Here’s this week’s big three:

Stuff We’ve 🚢ed

It’s been a busy week!