It’s time for the weekly dep roundup!

News and Such

The move to TOML for the manifest and lock files appears to have gone pretty smoothly - or at least, nobody’s been complaining about it in the issue queue. Which is lovely!

We’ve got consent from all of gps’ contributors, so we (read: the awesome @kris-nova) are going to begin the process of moving gps directly into dep this week. Note that if you’re watching the dep repo’s issues, this may blow up your feed, as migration will include moving over all of gps’ 40+ open issues.

Our big goal right now remains stabilizing the manifest and lock metadata files, so that people can safely begin really committing those files and using dep in earnest. To that end, my dep energy this week is going to be primarily focused on teasing out the manifest and lock-level needs for OS/arch/build tag parameterization, as it’s possible that proper handling could entail backwards-incompatible changes to the metadata files.

Community Attention Needed!

Here’s this week’s big three:

  • We’re still DIRELY in need of folks to help with docs. There’s an issue, but not a lot of structure yet. You can also just ping me (@sdboyer) in #vendor on Slack!
  • We decided two months ago to move away from using the CLI as the main UI for managing Gopkg.toml. I’ve made a bunch of progress on the new command spec that we’ve needed ever since the committee agreed to move towards hand-editing the Gopkg.toml file. Specifically, dep ensure is now mostly specced out, in implementable detail. Feedback on the spec itself is welcome (of course!), but it’s probably worth beginning to iterate on it as-is, as it enables a killer feature - the ability to safely target just a subset of dependencies for updating at a time: dep ensure -update
  • After some discussion on one of our more meta issues, @myitcv has been working on precisely formalizing the terms and set relationships that undergird dep. If there are folks out there who feel itchy without more precise definitions (and I know there are!), this could be a great place to join in. (But remember, that doc is very much a WIP!)

Stuff We’ve 🚢ed

There were a bunch of other PRs, too, but I’m trying to keep this brief 😄

Also, a big thank-you to @carolynvs for all the PR and issue reviews she’s done since I asked for help with last week’s update!